Join Our Talk Group On The Air

Hope you will consider joining in on our Ham Radio informal talk group on the air. We are a friendly bunch, down to earth and we discuss many topics so be prepared to add your thoughts and comments or bring up your own topics they will be welcome. If you respect and use good operating practices and enjoy good clean conversation with a great bunch of guys you are most welcome. Drop by and say "Hi" anyway.

We meet daily in the "Mornings" seven days a week. (Daily)

We are trying to re-establish 40 meters as the primary band for the morning schedule so bear with us as the sunspot conditions improve. If no group activity in the mornings on 40 Meters then check the frequencies on 75 Meters.

If you do not hear anyone in our group make 3 or 4 calls yourself. If everyone listens and no one makes a call how can anyone be heard.



8:00 a.m. CDT    (primary contact frequency)

7.203.00 MHz. (+-) QRM

8:00 a.m. CDT     (secondary frequency)

3.810.00 MHz. or 3.813.00 MHz. (+-) QRM

(check between about 3.802.00 and 3.815.00 MHz.)


We meet "Evenings" twice a week. (Monday & Tuesday evening only)

(Monday & Tuesday evening only) (The nightly QSO's have been temporally suspended, will resume at later date)



temporally suspended

8:00 p.m. CT

temporally suspended

3.813.00 MHz. or 3.807.00 MHz. (+-) QRM




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