Any good Radio Station starts with good antennas. This is by far not the best available antennas at this location but there are various and detailed considerations in determining what antennas are used at any ham radio station site. The Space one has available for antennas and the Cost involved not to mention the XYL seems to be the primary determining factors so here are the antennas for the station at WB4OEQ.

10 - 15 - 20 Meter Bands are handled with the Mosley CL-36 tri-band beam at 50 feet, rotation is handled with a Yaesu G-800SDX rotator.  

40 - 75 Meter Bands are handled with Half Wave Inverted V antennas fed from one Coax at 45 feet. 

160 Meter Band is 2 Inverted L's fed as a dipole due to lack of space to string horizontal so it resembles an "M" fed from the center.

2 Meters is accomplished with a 11 element Cush-Craft Beam at 55 feet also rotated.

The station's primary equipment changes slowly from time to time. I have about 40 years of accumulated equipment, accessories, hardware and assorted items. The primary equipment is occasionally updated to keep the station within the moderate confines of the advancing technology and my enjoyment.

Low Band Rig is currently a Kenwood B-2000SAT with a Kenwood TS-480SAT as a backup rig. The B2000-SAT is often used as a mobile rig.

Low Band Amplifier is a home built transistor amplifier using 8 each 2CS2728 transistors powered by 2 Astron RS-70M power supplies run in parallel to provide 140 amps at 14.6 volts. The amplifier is capable of 1,300 watts output on SSB.

2 Meters and 440 is accomplished with a Kenwood TM-731A duel bander or with the Kenwood B-2000SAT depending on the type of operations undertaken.

Pictures of Equipment see Equipment Page. Good assortment of pictures there for viewing.

"If I Can't Take My Radios I Won't Go"


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