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"The Dalton Gang"

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Amateur radio operators proudly call themselves hams and nobody knows why. There are about 600 thousand hams in the United States and about 5 thousand hams in the greater Memphis, TN area.
Ham radio operators are licensed by the United States Government and enjoy far more privileges of radio operation than any other radio service. With these privileges come responsibilities and rules for the operation of an amateur radio station.

Things you can do with amateur radio. Talk around the world - With HF radios hams can talk to other hams in literally any part of the globe. Talk around town - With small portable VHF and UHF transceivers hams enjoy extremely reliable communications within their local community. Emergency and other volunteer services - Floods, hurricanes, mudslides, earthquakes, ice storms ... when ever "normal" communications go out, hams are ready to use their radios to provide emergency communication services to their communities.

"If I Can't Take My Radios I Won't Go"


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