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  I have been interested in electronics and Ham Radio from a very young age. I have always been interested in "What Makes It Work" and I used to take things apart and put it back together to see what made it "Tick".  From this early inquisitive nature came tinkering, experimenting and trying to make changes to things. Didn't have much opportunity to find out much about ham radio because I did not know any "Hams". I figured out that if I retuned a regular AM broadcast radio on the upper end of the broadcast band I could hear people talking with each other every once in a while or at least one side of a conversation. This seemed to be real neat, people talking with each other over a radio. I tried to find out more about this and found out these were Ham Radio Operators talking with each other. I did not know any hams or how to go about getting in touch with any hams much less how to become a Ham Radio Operator. 

Then there was school, girls, the military, establishing a working career and then starting a family all of which interfered with any concerted effort towards Ham Radio until I reach my late twenties or so. I had frequent interests in getting licensed in ham radio but finally I became determined to get my Amateur Radio License and buckled down with intense study and took my General class license exam and passed it. The advance class license came shortly thereafter. That was in 1967 so I have been continually licensed since that time and have continually been active all that time as well. I have had various hobbies and many interests over the years but Ham Radio has always been the favorite of all my interests. I have enjoyed photography, sports, camping, Hunting, fishing, woodworking and many other varied interests, I've enjoyed them all but Ham Radio is number one.



  My primary career was spent with the E.I. DuPont Company in Industrial Control Instrumentation. Later I was involved in the estimating, planning and scheduling of maintenance work in instrumentation, electrical and mechanical maintenance. I have extensive experience in Industrial Control Instrumentation, business operations and management. Also founder and owner of my own successful business, I totally retired in January 2002 after selling my personal business. I now have the best job I ever had and I am thoroughly enjoying every minute of my retirement. 



  I cherish the long time friendships developed through ham radio and enjoy renewing old friendships and acquaintances at various Ham Fests that I look forward to attending each year. Where else than through ham radio can you enjoy a good conversation with several friends at the same time all in different parts of the world? I enjoy regularly scheduled contacts on ham radio to keep in regular contact with good friends and of coarse the joy of making new acquaintances and friends on the radio. You always have something in common to discuss since you both are ham radio enthusiasts.



  I also enjoy other interests like traveling, RVing, photography, playing steel guitar, visiting with relatives, friends and seeing and exploring new places. This fits right in with my ham radio hobby as well. I am an avid computer "Nut" also. Really, almost any sort of new gizmo will interest me.

"If I Can't Take My Radios I Won't Go"


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